sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Los Emiratos Árabes Unidos^^

“The best place for a dream holiday”

The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world where the level of tourism is growing more and more. Is a country where the wealth is reflected in its impressive buildings, culture, great hotels since it has the most expensive and luxurious in the world, amazing white sand private beach, etc..This is because me and my friends would love to travel to one of their cities: Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates. we love the culture and wealth. This is our dream.

As we've said before, our dream is to live a vacation in the capital to live their culture, to enjoy their wealth, visit the most emblematic of the city, to walk along beaches, savor and enjoy the famous tea in a haima in desert, shop at the enormous shopping centers and visit "zocos", etc.. We know isn´t convenient to travel in summer because temperatures reached are much higher in summer so we would like to travel in winter just for Christmas. We would like to be 3 days in Abu Dhabi and spent three days back home. The first day we stay at the hotel 7 star Emirates Palace, which is considered the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the world. We will have a butler and a roll roice which will be available to us during all our stay. We pick up our car at the airport and take us to the hotel where we stayed during our entire stay. Once we will arrive at the hotel we go for a ride on horseback through the white sand private beach of the hotel until lunchtime. We will eat at the restaurant "Cascades" surrounded by huge pools. In the afternoon we descend to the "Anantara Spa" installed in the hotel where we enjoy traditional massages with dead sea minerals. We dinner in the restaurant "Le Vendome Braseiro" where we will savor the most exquisite French cuisine. The next day we visit the "Gran Mezquita" where we can see the world's largest chandelier made ​​of a million svarosky stones and the world's largest carpet, the performing arts center where we can observe the evolution and the near future of the construction and architecture in Abu Dhabi. Lunch in a restaurant in downtown called ushna where we enjoy Pakistani cuisine. In the afternoon we go for a walk at full speed through the desert in a 4x4 hummer which will take us to where we enjoy the beautiful haima evening along with a tea. Our dinner will be held there with a show. The third day we will visit Al Hosn Palace one of the leading sheikhs of the city where there is very quiet and the F1 circuit and amusement park. Afternoon we will visit "zocos" and major shopping malls in the city. Return to the hotel to take a small snack bar in a hotel and later we will go to the restaurant for dinner and enjoy the famous Arab fish. After this rich dinner we will go to a pub in the hotel where we can dance to more Arabic style and enjoy a select snuff and brandy in the area.

In conclusion, it is a dream trip because this trip brings with it a fairly high cost in Spain and our economy at the moment does not allow this. we continue dreaming of this trip and we pray that someday we can make it happen.

Noemí Guirao Costa

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